The Pump Room Gardens is the village green of Leamington spa, and is designated as Grade II on the English Heritage List of Parks and Gardens of Special Historic Interest.  Warwick District Council and the Friends of the Pump Room Gardens have been awarded a grant of £1million (almost!) from the Heritage Lottery Find to pay for the restoration of the gardens and band stand, as well as a calendar of events and activities over 5 years.  

We have now been given permission to start, and will be updating the website as things start to happen!

Friends of The Pump Room Gardens

Archie Pitts – Chair

Gary Jones – Leader on delivery of the Activities Plan

Martyn Adams

Julia Cooley

Zani Franklin

Jenny St John

Carole Sleight

Jef Tuyn

Thanks also to Richard Ashworth for keeping things moving during Autumn 2017.

We welcome more volunteers if you can help our small team.  And thank you to the volunteers who have helped up to this point:

Fiona Anderson

Katherine Attreed

Paul Baker

Lucinda Broad

Rachel Brooks

Liz Drake

Kristie Naimo

Katherine Pasteur

Peter Storrie

Jamie Walker

For further information contact us at pumproomgardens@gmail.com

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